MCG SweepDreams

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This MCG creates stitches along a path....but since it uses Custom Mesh, you can clone anything long the path not just stitches, eg. buttons, rivets. Path can have multi curves in it with mix of opened/closed curves.

Requirements: Max2016 + SP2/3+ Extension 1/2, 2017, 2018 (lower Max versions do not know what an MCG is).

Note: unfortunately, I do not have access to Max 2019 or later so I cannot guarantee anything for Max 2019 or later. It "should" work but buy at your own risk.

Installation: Scripting>Install Max Creation Graph...

Ver 1.01: now Width will work for X pattern as well, so in second video below, when you do the zipper, you can vary the Width directly in SweepDreams rather than in offsetting the Custom Mesh.

Ver 1.02: Custom Mesh Offsets can now be done directly in SweepDreams modifier instead of XForm on the Custom Mesh. Also, Offsets in Height and X directions now work for both Double and Crossed (X) modes.

Ver 1.03: added noise for extra realism. Scale and placement offset now have noise so that the stitches don't all look identical. Also added Mat ID. I have bumped up the price a tiny bit but rejoice, all existing customers can simply download the latest version for free.


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